Coping with Success

  • Best for Coping with Success, dealing with Overtourism

    Gold: Park Güell, Barcelona, Spain

    The Winner of this Award will be recognised for Managing Success and promoted as an example of successfully maintaining a competitive quality visitor experience and ensuring that residents quality of life is also maintained.

    We are looking for examples of attractions and sites where management interventions have reduced the negative impacts on the site and neighbouring communities and improved the visitor experience. The sites may be publicly or privately owned & managed.

  • Last year we looked at coping with success in destinations, this year our focus is on sites and attractions whether with or without an entrance charge. Overtourism can negatively affect residents, the tourist experiences and the natural and cultural environment. The judges are looking for examples where any, or all, of these dimensions of the problems of marketing success have been addressed. We want to recognise and share, examples where the problems arising from increasing visitor numbers have been successfully addressed to the benefit of the local community and to visitors.

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