• Biodiversity, eco-system services and tourism – conflict or symbiosis?

    Tourism depends on biodiversity for its very survival, and biodiversity conservation depends on responsible tourism. In this series of interviews we speak to scientists, policymakers, destinations, communities and industry leaders about the urgency of taking action, the options to take action and affect fundamental change, and innovative stories about best practice that can be scaled or replicated.

  • Biodiversity, eco-system services and tourism – conflict or symbiosis?

    Professor Harold Goodwin and Doctor Shaun Vorster discuss biodiversity and what tourism can do to sustain it. Tourism has historically funded biodiversity projects, but this support has been threatened by COVID-19.

  • Biodiversity loss - industry knowledge

    Industry insiders share their thoughts and learnings about biodiversity loss (and why we need to prevent it) in a series of videos hosted by Dr Shaun Vorster.

    The science behind biodiversity

    Want to know more about the science behind biodiversity (and why it's important we prevent biodiversity loss?) These videos will keep you informed.

    Best practice for biodiversity

    Learn from the best about how best to prevent biodiversity loss and encourage more sustainable forms of tourism.

  • Biodiversity policy

    The policies and projects that have been put in place to protect biodiversity.

    Destinations and Biodiversity Loss

    Learn how destinations are working to protect biodiversity with conservation projects.

  • The Treadright Foundation gives a beautiful and inspiring voice to the importance of recognising the important nexus between Tourism, Nature, Culture & Heritage, and Indigenous Communities.

    Sarain Fox's storytelling brings this too life when she explains how indigenous peoples worldwide are harnessing the power of travel to keep cultures alive.

    Ami Vitale gives a voice to the need to “reimagine our relationship with nature and with one another” in this interconnected human-environment system.